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Transport from Florence to Eugene?


Hi there Pacific Northwest folk. I'll be finishing the TransAm in Florence, OR, in mid-July. I was wondering if anyone knew the best (cheapest) way to transport me and my bike back to Eugene after I'm done? I probably won't be in the mood to just turn around and cycle back!

Ultimately I'm hoping to get down to San Francisco (possibly with bike) for a week before returning to Portland where I have a flight home. So there's obviously other questions. In summary:

* How to get from Florence to San Francisco cheaply (I'm guessing via Eugene?)? Is it possible/worth taking my bike? (I'm guessing I could potentially leave it with a Warm Showers person in Eugene or somewhere)
* How to get from San Francisco to Portland cheaply? Train? Bus? Plane? Teleportation?
Realise this is all a bit muddled. I'm struggling to work out what is the most logical course of action! Help!


Let me know when you plan on reaching Florence, I may be available to give you a ride to Eugene.



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