Author Topic: Logistics for the Lake Michigan Ferry-Manitowoc, WI to Ludinton, MI and back.  (Read 2776 times)

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I am planning a tour from western WI to central MI.  I plan on using the ferry to cross Lake Michigan.

I will be staying with family in Green Bay and will travel one day to Manitowoc.  I doubt I would make the 1:55PM ferry so would have to wait for the 12:00AM one.  Is there somewhere near the ferry to spend some down time?  Same thing on the other side in Ludington.  I am not sure if I would travel beyond Ludington as soon as I finish the crossing, and need a place to hang out or camp.

By chance are there parks near the ferry station that one could safely catch a nap?
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If you ride the ferry make sure you take a jacket when you leave your bicycle for the upper decks. It is surprisingly cool up there even in the dead of summer and they won't let you back to the vehicle deck. The ferry, as you may know, is steam powered. If it were allowed I would love to tour the engine room.

Ludington State Park just north of town has camping.

The municipal campground in Reed City, 50 miles east of Ludington, is my favorite campground of all my travels. A delightful place. Really worth a stop.

I can't help you with Manitowoc as I disembarked and headed right off for the Fond du Lac KOA.
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