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Missoula, MT to Helena, MT Route Suggestions?


Hey folks!
Just wondering if anyone has found a pleasant ride between these two cities. Thanks!

I am not from Montana, but we left the great parks route at the junction of 83 and 200 (south of seeley lake) and took 200 east through Ovando (great breakfast at the stray bullet cafe).  At the junction of 200 and 141 we joined the double divide route staying on 200 through Lincoln.  At the junction with the Flesher pass road we left 200 and road over the pass, following the double divide route to Helena.  I would recommend this route.

You can see the double divide route here:
and the great parks route here:

Between them they you can get from Missoula to Helena.

I did that exact same thing in the other direction, including the awesome breakfast in Ovando.  Nice roads.


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