Author Topic: vancouver bc to san francisco (or even further to tijuana mex) along coast  (Read 1584 times)

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I once did that trip back in '82, as part of a trip that started in Toronto Ontario and had me bicycling across canada to vancouver bc and then over to victoria.

the last leg along the stunningly gorgeous old 101 pacific coast highway was just that: stunningly gorgeous.
...i'm thinking of redoing it again...only this time all the way down to the Mex border
(i'm now nearly 50, so worry if my body could 'do it'...but hey, just gotta get in better shape and lose 25lb too)

any books with good pics one can recommend to inspire me?

how long should I estimate it would take (can't remember how long last time, but i was doing 80miles/day on average)
in all my 2.5 months I only had about 5 days of rain....amazing.