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Sierra Cascades WA, OR
« on: August 01, 2011, 08:30:02 am »
Hi everybody!

My wife and I, we live in Germany, Europe. After biking the Icefields Parkway, the canadian part of GDMBR and the Kettle Valley Railway Trail during last years summer vacation we are now planning to visit the NW of the US following the Sierra Cascades Route on a self-supported cycling trip.

We fly into Vancouver BC and will stay 5 weeks in total. On last years trip we found it a great pleasure to do some offroad sections to get away from the traffic and have some spectacular scenery (loved Kannanaskis Country!). On numerous sites I find lots of MTB Tracks going back and forth or do a loop. We would prefer going from A to B because without a car, there's no need to do a loop to get back to the car par, ey?

Because we have to carry our whole stuff (no front panniers though) on our 10 year old MTBs we're not too much into technical and rocky trails but a smooth single trails is very welcome.

To give you a hint what kind of travel we like most, have a look at our last trip to Corsica (France) in early summer:

If you're not into the german language just enjoy the pictures!

So if you have any suggestions of interesting detours away from the paved highways don't hesitate to post. gpx-Tracks are very welcome because we carry a Garmin GPS unit.

Another question right away: Is it possible, to pick the ACA Map Set at a local bookshop? I couldn't find the ISBN to place an order...

We would greatly appreciate to meet some nice guys out there, so we're looking forward to see some warmshower hosts or any other helpful people along the route. Making friends with local people is always the best way to catch up the spirit of a different country. And so far, we haven't been to the U.S. except New York.

We plan to make it approximately to the Oregon-California border and then get to Eugene to hop on the Amtrak going to Seattle and make our way across the isles back to Vancouver.

Thank you for reading and hope to see you on the road!

Ulla & LUTZ from Germany

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Re: Sierra Cascades WA, OR
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Welcome, Ulla and Lutz!

As far as I know, the ACA maps are available only from their on-line store or by telephone, because keeping them current in bookstores would be difficult. If this is not the case, I am sure someone from ACA will jump in to correct me.

One of the best features of the Sierra Cascades route is the large number of national parks and national forests that it passes through. They all have bike trails with maps available on line and at the ranger stations.

I would like to suggest continuing south to Yosemite if you can find the time. In my book, this is the most spectacular piece of real estate in our big country. The cycling is easy in the valley--indeed the best way to get around there--and harder as you climb out to the higher parts, but nothing unusual after you have spent time on the Sierra Cascades route. It will be crowded during the summer.


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Re: Sierra Cascades WA, OR
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Hey Folks,
The maps are available at most REIs on the West Coast and some bike shops but unfortunately not in Vancouver.

I would suggest purchasing them from us and sending them a few weeks in advance to where you'll be staying in Canada. Or if you need them faster, we could send them to a US Post Office via "General Delivery" just about as quickly as you need them. It's a shame it takes so long to ship to Canada, especially since we are so close but that's just the way it is.

Have a fantastic trip!

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Re: Sierra Cascades WA, OR
« Reply #3 on: August 10, 2011, 07:41:25 pm »
Hi everybody!

So we are on our Way. After à couple of days kayaking in the San Juan Islands we'll make it to Sedro Wooley tonight and join there on the ACA Sierra Cascades Route. Unfortunately it was too Late to get the ACAs Maps delivered, so the GPS Track will have to Be enough.

After a quick look on the Map I was wondering if there was à Chance to Cut through from Rainy Pass to Stehekin on the North end of Lake Chelsan and get on a Boat there?

Any hints or suggestions?

Thanks in Advance!