Author Topic: Has anyone ridden any parts of route 66?  (Read 18820 times)

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Re: Has anyone ridden any parts of route 66?
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Earlier this week, I went on my business trip to Gallup, NM. I thought of bringing the bike and riding to Flagstaff, AZ or Albuquerque, NM but I was unable to do so conveniently. But after seeing the horrible pavement on the I-40 shoulder east of Gallup, as well as construction on I-40, I'm glad I left the bike at home.
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Re: Has anyone ridden any parts of route 66?
« Reply #16 on: October 12, 2013, 11:30:20 pm »
Well, I followed Jerry McClanahan's  route 66 EZ guide and found the trip very rewarding. Sure, it meant some shoulder and service road riding, but it also gave nearly all the older alignments, which I took whenever possible. I never got lost, nor was there a place I couldn't ride, at least until I got to los Angeles, where I was planning on leaving it anyway. Even if the A.C.A. creates their own version of this route, I would still use this guide. I saw much of the sights and landmarks that remained, and finished feeling as if I HAD ridden The Mother Road.
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