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Coast of Maine? Anybody do it?

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Kittery Rider:
he all, wondering if anybody has toured the coast of Maine?  Looking for info.  The good, the bad, the ugly.  Thanks

You might want to take a look at the resources mentioned on this Maine DOT page:

Hope this helps.


I've biked the coast from Kittery to about Kennebunkport along Rt 1.   This was during late summer like July/August time frame. Found it way too busy with RVs, traffic and cars to be too fun, maybe in the off season but I found it more fun inland.   It's also more expensive to stay and might be harder to find a campground vrs Motel..


Kittery Rider:
Yeah I rode us 1 from my home in Kittery this am and got off in York.  took a loop around and 103 back home.  Damn got killed by an rv trailer.  Angry bunch on that road and no shoulder worth a darn.  Jay what inland routes are good this time of year?

Kittery Rider, we rode to Sebago Lake from kennebunkport and stayed at a private campground on the west shore and then the next day we rode up past the twin cities of Lewiston/Auburn before staying at my friend's aunt in Augusta.  I really don't remember the route as we were simply using a ME bike map from the Maine DOT. I know it wasn't I-95 :-)

We were planning on camping in Wells Beach but the one campsite we saw was absolutely insane, it looked like they simply plowed a big grass field and sold 5'5' plots and rented it out to campers.. It was wall to wall tents and people so we decided to splurge and stay in a hotel....   



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