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I have found a great resource for maps and information on cycling routes in Europe. Start here click on the route and you will be presented with a page of info about the route. Of course it's in German so you will have to translate it to English if you are like me.

Each route appears to have a full gps track in a kmz format.

Be aware that not all routes follow paved roads. Most will be paved however and in e.g. Germany most will also have excellent signs. For the Netherlands a similar overview can be found at (in Dutch) giving you e.g. perfect, scenery routes from Amsterdam to the south with connections into Germany and Belgium.

If anyone wants recommendations on books, maps, or websites to use for touring in Germany please email me at I lived in Germany four years, speak/read/write German/French and toured extensively throughout Central Europe by bike. Cheers, Brad

One of the most useful bicycling resources is the address book of 'Vrienden op de Fiets' (Friends on the Bike,  It contains 4500 addresses of people in mainly the Netherlands, Belgium and the (very) western part of Germany) that accomodate cyclists during their trips in these countries.  Of course only recommended if you really like to get in touch with locals ;-)

This is the best site I've found so far for planning bike tours in Europe:


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