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Atlantic Coast Route NC to MA
« on: August 26, 2011, 04:43:17 pm »
in case you haven't seen the big weather news Hurricane Irene will be making landfall in the Outer Banks area of NC however un-typical of most storms this storm will NOT be hanging a right at Cape May NJ BUT will be going all the way up the coast to New York City - yes New York City - AND the storm will CONTINUE north up into the Hudson Valley - the storm is big enough to affect the ACR corridor from NC all the way up to MA and beyond - for the first time I have seen a Hurricane warning for my local weather here in Poughkeepsie NY - ACR sec 2 map 19

here are the highlights so far as of Fri. 08/26:
NY,NJ and CT in state of emerg.
mayor Bloomburg of NYC issues mandatory evac for low lying areas of city
NJ gov. Christie issues mandatory evac for the Jersey shore (the "situation" will no doubt be in charge)

there will be very heavy rainfall and no doubt flooding in this area
here are some areas that are prone to flooding:
New Paltz - Wallkill River
Port Jervis - Neversink River

the storm will make landfall in the NYC metro area on Sunday in the AM

even thjough the storm will leave the area by late Sunday - the day after on Monday will be post storm clean-up day - there will be debris on the roads - sections of road still flooded etc

if word can be relayed by the moderator to the ACR tour group leader - tell him/her to "hunker down" in an indoor lodging untill Tue.