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Re: sleeping bag
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I heard about using the GI poncho as a tent on a transcontinental tour. The person who did it said it worked just fine. It's lightweight and provides shelter. The sleeping bag looks like top of the line. It's too expensive for me. I cannot imagine shelling out that kind of money for a sleeping bag. I did a crosscountry tour on the ST in winter with a $20.00 bag, and while I cannot say I did not suffer any discomforts at all, it worked well enough. The last ST winter tour I did in 2009-10 was in record breaking low temperatures. It took everything I could wear and sleep in to stay warm. Even the smallest opening let in needle-like flows f sub freezing wind. I used a Sierra bag. It was not really all that good. It was inadequate and that's all. I had to cover myself and the bag with a tarp to keep warm. Otherwise it simply did not do the job, and it certainly did not do the job at its stated temperature rating.

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Re: sleeping bag
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  It's no fun being cold or wet. Extreme cold is hard to fight thru with body heat alone.

  I would never have spent 600 bucks on a sleeping bag ever. I have always admired the quality of these GI bags to stay warm when wet even and when I saw one of the new designs pop up at my army surplus I splurged. Living up on the great lakes and getting into some remote spots thru the winter I pack my truck with the bag just in case. The bivy works great at keeping everything dry and clean, but still lets moisture out.

  I think you should be seeing more of these over the next year come up surplus. The poncho liners are great and really nice ones sell for about $20. great way to warm up along the road. I have done a little experimenting with riding wearing the poncho in rain, leaving it cover hands bars and some of the rear rack. It actually works pretty nice in warm weather as your body is free to breath but you are shedding rain. haven't went any great distance that way or with much wind.