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US Rt 60 (Springfield to Winona MO)

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I'm planning a TA ride and after view Google earth and a few other maps can anyone tell me if Rt 60 is ok for TA riders? 


Try Asking on you might get more answers .. Good Luck.. :)

John Nelson:
Ray Jardine rode it in 2010. Some of the road has no shoulders, and where it does have shoulders, it was "littered with bicycle tire flattening things like chunks glass, sharp rocks, bits of metal falling off cars, and worst of all, the highway cyclist's nemesis: blown truck tire wires. At times I felt like I was pedaling through a minefield."

But worst of all, he hated the rumble strips. No direct link to the page is available, but go to this site, click on "Missouri" and forward two days to Day 39.

Ray is one bad ass!!  He is a big name in the Yosemite climbing world.  I never knew he toured.  Thats a great site.  This guy is an animal. 

John Nelson:
Unfortunately, Ray got sideswiped by an 18-wheeler in Virginia (see Day 49). If you look at the picture of the road he was on at the time, you can see why it's often better to stick to ACA routes, which likely would not have chosen that road. Ray deviated off the TransAm in Missouri as he was headed east.


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