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SOLD: Surly Front Rack and Arkel Panniers
« on: September 17, 2011, 03:11:13 am »
Just bought Surly Front Rack and one Arkel GT-18 and one GT18-BP (has back pack straps) for a 300 mile, 5 day, trip in Kansas, (section 8 of Trans America trail).
They worked great. Now that I have some experience I realize I don't really need front panniers. I won't do more then 5 - 7 days at a time and I can fit everything I need on my rear rack and panniers.

So, I'd like to sell the front rack and panniers.

Looking for $225 for the whole set. They were all purchased August 17 2011 and used for one 5 day ~300 mile trip immediately following the purchase. So, they aren't even a month old at this point. Didn't even get rained on.

Email me at if interested.

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