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SWEET!  Thanks a million.  Thats great beta.  I may ping you closer to my launch date to follow up.  If you have a moment can you send me your email address to  Promise not to take to much of your time but just a ping on weather and ground cover. 

Thanks again for the info


Sweet Jesus!!!  I just overlayed your CO Dolores to Pueblo on to my Google Earth.  Great work and it'll help. 

I live in CO as well.  I disagree, I think it's too early for that route.  Push it out a month or two, and it will be fun.  Do it in April-June, and it'll be a freezing cold slog.  I see you are doing it "for a cause" but I don't see why that would mean you would have to make it a death march or choose a route that's inappropriate for the time of year.  Especially if you are on a limited budget, short time frame, or for some other reason are unable/unwilling to wait out bad weather and/or use hotels when the weather is bad.

Your original route or the one tsteven suggests are both good routes, tsteven's is more scenic but has higher mountain passes.  You could also go through Durango and keep heading East to Pagosa Springs, and then over Wolf Creek Pass (hwy 160) - one of my favorites.  At least that way you stay lower for a few more days.

That's all moot, though, because you're gonna freeze around Cedar City - doesn't the Western Express go over a 10k foot pass there?

If you must start that early, southern tier makes more sense.

All good points.  Another alternate route is to take something south out of Cedar City to Northern AZ and NM.  But still working out the details on the final route.  I agree as last year's La Nina was brutal.  Also I really cannot make to many changes my time frame but I can make changes to the route.  If the winter and spring are showing passable conditions I do like the idea of your 160. 

Nothing bad can be said about Lizard Head Pass or Wolf Creek Pass(10,850), I just think the Million Dollar Highway edges them out.  All three are quite nice.   I agree that May is a bit early, but I think it will be doable, and we are talking about a U.S. Marine.

Here are some records for the state of Colorado:
Highest Average Annual Precipitation         45.35                       Wolf Creek Pass 1 E
Record Maximum Winter Snowfall               807.0         1978-79       Wolf Creek Pass 1 E
Highest Average Annual Snowfall              434.8                       Wolf Creek Pass 1 E

Good call on cedar breaks valygrl, almost 10,600.  A deviation from the Western Express may be required, the road may not be open.

Also note that Red Mountain Pass is not 8,970 as I stated before and the CO bicycling map erroneously shows, it is 11,018.

Tim you can see photos of all three of these variations here:


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