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« on: September 29, 2011, 09:51:32 pm »
I have all the maps I will need for my upcoming TA trip, and the addendums for them. However, I won't start using those maps until almost June of next year, and I am wondering about the addendums. How long are the changes valid? Do I have to keep checking until I need them and constantly update the maps? Or do I only need the mosrt recent addendum (meaning I can throw the old ones away)?
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Re: Addendums
« Reply #1 on: September 30, 2011, 05:55:37 am »
They are not cumulative. You need to apply all of them in sequence. It is not terribly onerous.


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Re: Addendums
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You should print out the most-recent addenda again just before you leave on your trip.

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Re: Addendums
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Update the maps?  I had never heard of anyone actually marking up their maps with the changes.

My approach is to print out the addenda just before the trip and at the beginning of each map along the way just read the addenda and mentally note any changes that seem important.  In most cases that is it because 95% or more of them seem to actually not be changes to things that wind up mattering on my particular trip.

Cases where it matters...
When deciding where to stay for the night or use some other service, if I remember that one of the options was in the addenda I'll double check the addenda.  It seems like the majority are for addition or deletion or services, location of services, or distances to services.  The few that are changes in the narrative directions are usually kind of obvious because the map is usually correct.

I think that the only time I ever ran afoul of the addenda was the time that I didn't read them at all for a particular section and a road the maps and narrative directions both said to turn on was actually no longer there.