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Augie Dog:
Has any one here done the Trace from end to end? I am thinking of doing this ride in the near future and trying to decide if I want to do it fully self contained or have a sag follow. What time of year would be a good time also. Also advise on camping facilities and what to expect as far as elevation changes. I will most likely start at the Nashville end and go south. If I do fully supported I need to figure out how to get back to N'ville or return back to my home in North Carolina.
Augie dog

See for references to ACA maps, which contain elevation profiles and list campgrounds, plus other maps and many cycling-specific directions.


Check out the cycling the Trace info at

Hey i am from near the Florence area in AL. I have also been wanting to ride the Natchez Trace from end to end. Have you done this yet? I new to touring, I have only been riding around the local counties here.

Oldie but newbie tourer also wants to ride the Natchez Trace from Nashville to Natchez in spring 2012.  Very inexperienced, I've only done a couple of overnighters.   Maybe Natchez to Nashville. 


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