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Re: Great Music For My Tour? Suggestions?
« Reply #30 on: October 03, 2011, 12:37:18 pm »
Depending on my mood at the time I like:

Dire Straits - On the Night album
Stevie Ray Vaughn - anything
Green Day
Hayes Carll
David Gray
Sarah McLachlan
Norah Jones
Van Morrison
Blue Oyster Cult

... and the list goes on.

I've been listening to music while riding for nearly 20 years.  Not always.  Much of the time I enjoy the quiet, but sometimes I want to get pumped.  Nothing gets the endorphins flowing like hard riding and good music.  About the only time I don't feel safe listening to music while riding is on shoulder-less fast roadways where I really need to hear something coming up behind me.  In areas of heavy traffic, I don't find that it matters.  Cars and trucks are coming up behind me incessantly, and music is a welcome relief from the constant whining of tires and thunder of loud engines.  I'm already keeping one eye in the mirror and the other on the road ahead anyway.

Edit:  Just read about 20 pages of your journal.  Very inspiring and admirable.  Love the photos as well as the very good writing.  I see that you're religious.  I'm not, particularly, but thought you might also get some inspiration from an artist such as Amy Grant.  I used to enjoy one of her albums - I think it was called Heart in Motion.

More power to you - may the wind stay at your back, and the roads rise to meet you.
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Re: Great Music For My Tour? Suggestions?
« Reply #31 on: October 06, 2011, 11:28:09 pm »
Metal or punk for the climbs
  Red Fang
  Who Rides The Tiger
  The Pogues

Delta blues
  Johnny Shines
  John Hammond Jr.
  John Mooney

I listened to REM's Dead Letter Office on the last tour.

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Re: Great Music For My Tour? Suggestions?
« Reply #32 on: October 09, 2011, 03:57:32 pm »
Second on the Dire Straights

Also, I've been grooving a lot recently on the old Avalon album by Roxy Music.  This is not hard-driving stuff, but it has a good, steady groove, more contemplative. 

Check it out.


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Re: Great Music For My Tour? Suggestions?
« Reply #33 on: October 10, 2011, 07:08:07 am »
For sure on the Dire Straights, Guitar George knows all the chords.

Led Zep have some pretty epic road tunes also Wolfmother who are a sort of modern adaptaion of Zep, they really get you pumping.

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Re: Great Music For My Tour? Suggestions?
« Reply #34 on: October 15, 2011, 01:18:11 am »
i'm leaving on tour soon and simply cannot leave my music behind either.
i will share with you what i have loaded in my mp3:
jack johnson(4 albums)
donavan frankenreiter(2albums)
pearl jam(3)
tom petty(3)
vivaldi(3,full violin concertos)
bela fleck and the flecktones
francis cabrel
A.A. bondy
cat stevens
johnny cash
gordon lightfoot
bob marley(15+....huge fan)
blind melon
lucinda williams
and dave mathews

and that's on mp3 number 1...

#2...carter family, paul simon,elvis, metalica,dre,hendrix,neil diamond,john cougar...etc etc

if you were never introduced to classical, i really really recommend that you try it while cycling...
vivaldi four seasons, in violin and cello...after one run of that album, if you still don't like classical, you never will.
it's amazing music. i have listened to it on free-ride sessions with some young stunt riders and they always get a kick out of that, the fact that i listen to that calm music while riding stuff that really surged the adrenaline. but if you really listen to that album, you'll see the emotion and the energy also...try it!
have a great tour fellow rider...
ps:i'm not computer savy, but i do have this album on my laptop. i don't like breaking copyright laws but if there is a way to send it to you trough e-mail, explain to me how to do it, and i will...i guess lol
there are several versions of that piece by vivaldi... i'm offering the best one! joke
ps#2:music or not, mash those pedals steady, rubber side down!

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