Author Topic: SOLD! 2004 Old Man Mountain AC Low Rider front rack (eyelet mount) $30  (Read 3046 times)

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!!!!ITEM SOLD!!!

Hi everyone

I'm selling a 2004 OMM AC Low Rider (now built by Arkel) that I no longer need. I used this for a 10 day tour of England and some light commuting then packed it away only to find it... today! I'd love for some one to get more use of this great rack.

If you have a bike without the mid-fork eyelets you can use fork mounts but you'll need to contact Arkel for separate brackets that connect the mounts to the rack.

If you live in the CA bay area, lemme know and I'll provide my address for you to take a look. Otherwise, we can use Paypal and I'll pop it in the mail for you.

$30 for the rack
$10 shipping within US

Thanks for taking a look and happy riding.

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